We’re dedicated to joint health

We launched our first Glucosamine product for joint repair nearly 20 years ago, and 10 years later, we launched our OsteoEze Triple Action supplement.

Today we’re still the only Australian brand of glucosamine supplements dedicated to joint health.

Our products are designed to support healthy joint function

Mild osteoarthritis is caused when the natural cartilage in your joints becomes ‘worn down’, either through age, repetitive use, injury, or even from weight-gain.

Your body naturally produces cartilage, but it needs the right combination of nutrients to be able to produce enough strong, healthy cartilage to keep your joints pain-free and moving freely.

That’s where OsteoEze comes in, providing a natural solution to mild joint pain and stiffness that could improve your joint comfort and mobility.

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5 great reasons to choose OsteoEze

Our formulations could assist with the maintenance of your cartilage with nutrients that occur naturally in your body
We’ve recently improved our evidence-based formulations in line with the latest health science
OsteoEze is simple to take and unlike messy cream alternatives, you don’t need to rub anything in
Reduce mild joint pain and inflammation, and support healthy joints at the same time
Pain medications only hide the pain, whereas OsteoEze can help repair your joints, reduce your mild joint pain and increase your mobility


If you’d like to reduce mild joint pain and inflammation associated with mild osteoarthritis (and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t?) then find our One-A-Day, Dual Action, and Triple Action formulations in your local pharmacy or supermarket.

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